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Hot Rods Bikini Bar

This is the outside of Hot Rods Bikini Bar

Hot Rods Bikini Bar
Mango Avenue
Cebu City, Philippines

Updated March 2011:

It's been about a year since we updated the review on Hot Rods Bikini Bar on Mango Avenue in Cebu, Philippines. The club has been around about 2 years, replacing the former Black Hole Bar. Lets just say, the club has seen vast improvements since it was renamed.

If you are one of those lovers of bikini bars (like the Angeles City style clubs), you'll love Hot Rods. This bar is one of the most affordable place on Mango Avenue and in Cebu for that matter where you will get the most BANG for your buck - no pun intended. The club owners who bought and renamed the club have improved the talent tremendously. The bargirls now look more like 7's and 8's rather than the 5's and 6's since we last visited the club in 2009.

The club opens up around 7:30pm-ish, but the place really doesn't start hopping until around 8:00pm to 8:30pm. Drinks and Ladies Drinks prices are among the cheapest in Cebu. Couple that with the low 1800p barfine price, and you have a recipe for a reasonable time out on the town. It is very possible to meet a girl for barfine here, and you'll expect to tip her 1500p to 2000p for the evening stay.

The club is much larger than most of it's counterparts on the same side of the street. It's roomy with multiple dance stages. It's got a main stage behind the bar area right where you walk in. There is more dancing over to the left with some more comfortable seating. The club is kept clean so you dont' feel uncomfortable while partying. For the price, the girls and the location, Hot Rods is a place you have to stop by and see for yourself.

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Top 10 Clubs - Cebu , Philippines

  • 1. Arena KTV – This is a huge club with private rooms. Only 1500p for private room. Over 40 to 50 girls on any given night. - 4000p Barfine
  • 2. Jaguar KTV - Great KTV with around 50 girls. Located in Banilad away from traffic. Great place to sneak in for some fun – 4000p Barfine
  • 3.Infinity KTV - Great KTV with around 30 or 40 girls. Private rooms in the back. No barfine. – 2000p Barfine
  • 4.Club Temptation – You’ll be tempted by all the hotties in this club. Great place to meet a barfine for the night – 1750p Barfine
  • 5.Viking Club – Underneath a group of bars located in the Mango bar area. Lots of girls and lots of action – 1750p Barfine
  • 6.Erik The Red – Owned by the same people that own the Viking. Great place to meet girls and drink a beer. – 1750 Barfine
  • 7.Dimples – Impressed with the talent there. Great place to party and meet bargirls. A little bit expensive on barfine – 3000p Barfine
  • 8.Gold Fingers - Located in Mindaue with around 30 to 40 girls who dance naked on stage. A little expensive. – 4000p Barfine
  • 9.Club Harem – Located in Mindaue. 20 to 30 girls. Mainly for Philippine customers but some lookers in this club – 4000p Barfine
  • 10.Lonestar Saloon – Located near Mango. Great drinking club with lots of sexy girls dancing on stage. Upstairs rooms – 1750p Barfine
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