Angeles A-gogo bar

Bulldog KTV

Located in Mandaue City, Cebu by the Bubble Bee Tea House

Bulldog KTV
North Reclamation Highway
Mandaue City

Updated: April 2017

Just up the road from the Park Mall, you'll find the Bulldog KTV bar located on the third floor of a building that opens up into the club itself. The club gets mixed reviews, mainly because of the prices. The club is ultra expensive, and not a place that the average "Pussy Traveler" would want to spend time. The club definitely cators to higher end customers, mainly Japanes and Korean's, as the bar is a KTV Bar, and the prices reflect a higher end club. Nonetheless, the club has a nice atmosphere, some pretty ladies, and it's a nice place to unwind.

The Bulldog KTV has had some pretty bad reviews from Punters all over the world. The main complaint seems to be the exhorbanent prices the bar charges. For example, just walking in the door can be expense, with a 200p cover. Ok, that's not so bad you say, as other clubs like Arena KTV and other high end clubs charge an entrance fee. The club also has a Corkage fee for 200p, a mandatory ladies drink ever 30 minutes at 350p per ladies drink, and a Mamasan drink that's also 350p. All in all, you'll spend around 1000p just for entering the club and sitting with a girl.

Other than the prices, there are an assortment of ladies in the club, that can vary in talent on any given night. Reviews of the club have been pretty bad on this end as well. On our trip to the club, the selection was so-so, with a few cute girls, but nothing much to rave about. We did spend around 4000p, and left with only our hands on our dicks.

All in all, we cannot recommend this club, as there are other clubs to spend your dollars at that would be more worth the while. We recommend checking out Jaguar KTV or even Arena KTV if you're into some higher end clubs. These two clubs have some beautiful models, and the prices are relatively the same, without all the Corkage and Mamasan drink fees.

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