Angeles A-gogo bar

Forbidden City Bar
Fields Avenue
Balibago, Angeles City, Philippines

Updated October 2010

The Forbidden City bar is a new nightclub opened in March of 2010. It islocated across the street from the now closed down Dirty Duck Bar on Fields Avenue. The club is of the "much larger" variety, with a fantastic interior, including two levels of seating, a huge dance stage, lots of great seating, and very sexy Filipina bar girls. Up stairs is a bar and pool table for guests to hang out and drink. There is also a firemans pole for the girls to slide down from the 2nd floor to the stage.

The owners are Chinese and therefore the theme of the club is Chinese oriented. A big statue of Buddah is present right at the back of the stage area, with Chinese symbols painted onto the walls of the bar. The stage is raised from the first floor by only a few feet with a lighted multi-color dance floor adding to the atmosphere. There are multiple poles for the bargirls/dancers to pole dance. It's pretty amazing, as these poles are about 15 feet high, and extend to the 2nd level.

The club atmosphere is much like the Atlantis Club down the street. There is a balcony on the 2nd floor where the girls can dance as well, looking down over the dance floor. Forbidden City does it better, as they display the music videos on the huge screen/wall above the 2nd floor balcony. These much larger clubs in incredible in their design and their atmosphere. There are well over 60 to 100 girls on any given night, gracing the club with their erotic moves, and sexy bikini's. Barfines go for 1500p, which the girl receives only half the barfine. Drinks are expensive, as the cost is necessary to keep this club operational.

Check out the video clips below, and this will let you know what kind of environment, and what type of sexy bargirls are available for barfine. We recommend this club on your next visit to Angeles City.

A look down on the dance floor at Forbidden City A-gogo

A look up at the upper 2nd Floor level at Forbidden City

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