Angeles City Bars

This is the outside entrance of the The Blue Nile.

The Blue Nile
Fields Avenue
Angeles City, Philippines

Four years ago, the company that brought the Blue Nile and Nero’s Forum changed the whole face and landscape of Angeles City. Fields Avenue, which had been your traditional bikini bar strip, was transformed into a high end entertainment area. The Blue Nile is a very hot club, with great seating, hot music and lots of pretty dancers and bargirls. The stage, which has a hydrolic lift beneath it, rises and falls with dancers on it. It adds a bit of flare and excitement to the overall enthusiasm of the club.

The club has about 100 dancers/bargirls, that are there on any given night. Seating is available on the lower and upper level, with couches to the back of the room where you can get comfortable with your favorite girl. Or you can sit up closer to the stage on your traditional bar stools. There is a small dance floor for guys who want get crazy. The overall costs, barfine of 1500p and drinks in the price range of the other bars, makes this a can’t miss club to visit.

The club has walkways into it’s sister club, Nero’s Forum through the back right side. You walk from one club right into the next, and into another club located to the right side of Nero’s. There is gambling, slot machines, where you can bet real money and win real money. For you gamers, looking for more than just pussy action, this is the place. Showgirls also give shows during the night, which adds to the excitement. Stop By Blue Nile to meet you sweetheart, as it is a highly recommended Angeles City Club by the PhilippineSexGuide.

Great Video inside the Blue Nile Club in Angeles City

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Top 10 Clubs - Angeles City

  • 1. Club Atlantis – This is a huge new club located in Angeles City with 200 dancing bargirls - 1500p Barfine
  • 2. The Doll House - This club is right on Fields Ave and brand new with lots of pretty dancers - 1500p Barfine
  • 3.The Crystal Palace - Sister bar to the Doll House. Incredible arena style seating with lots of bargirls - 1500p Barfine
  • 4.Golden Nile – New bar sitting next to the Blue Nile and Nero’s Forum – Hot Dancers and Bargirls – 1500p Barfine
  • 5. Blue Nile – The hydrolic stage is looking kind of scarry lately. Great place to party and meet girls. – 1500p Barfine
  • 6. Champagne – Smaller tradional style Angeles City bar right on Fields Avenue – Great club for party – 1000p Barfine
  • 7. Nero's Forum – Next to Blue Nile and a nice place to view and meet some pretty bargirls – 1500p Barfine
  • 8. Camelot - Large bar – more traditional in style with lots of dancing girls on the stage. Great place – 1000p Barfine.
  • 9. The Roadhouse – Plays Rock n Roll and has a great stage with the girls dancing all night long – 1000p Barfine
  • 10.Carousel Bar – Next to Club Atlantis, a smaller bar with incredible Carosel stage turning inside – bargirls – 1000p Barfine

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