Angeles A-gogo bar

Late Night Outside the Genesis Club!

Genesis Club
Fields Avenue
Angeles City, Philippines


The Genesis Club was open in August of 2009. The club is under German management, owned and operated by the Pasha Group. This hot AC Bar has 120 dancers and 35 waitresses and will make your job finding a piece of ass in Angeles City alot easier. The club is open from 7pm to 4 am which gives you more than enough time to play, drink, interact and meet a gorgeous girl, while enjoying great music and live entertainment on stage. The club provides food from it's wholely owned BISTRO catering snacks, pizz and pasta. Drinks are right in line as bargirl drinks or ladies drinks are 140p and customer drinks 95 peso (a little high). Pashagroup offers a 5000p package which gives you your drinks for a period of 2 years in any of their five clubs. That's not a bad deal considering $100 bucks for drinking all year round. There is a giant danceloor in the center of the bar, with four smaller dancefloors at the side. This makes it very easy to get in touch with the girls. There is an open doorway in the back of the Genesis Club that leads to the Fantasy Club to accommodate an easy entrance between the bars. Another great thing about the Genesis Club is the sexy Tequila Girls. If you want, these hotties will allow you to do a shot off their tits, and probably a whole lot more back at the hotel room. Stop by the Genesis Club, one of the newer clubs in AC and a club that is sure to please you on your quest for bargirl pussy.

A Night Out in the Genesis Club

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Top 10 Clubs - Angeles City

  • 1. Club Atlantis – This is a huge new club located in Angeles City with 200 dancing bargirls - 1500p Barfine
  • 2. The Doll House - This club is right on Fields Ave and brand new with lots of pretty dancers - 1500p Barfine
  • 3.The Crystal Palace - Sister bar to the Doll House. Incredible arena style seating with lots of bargirls - 1500p Barfine
  • 4.Golden Nile – New bar sitting next to the Blue Nile and Nero’s Forum – Hot Dancers and Bargirls – 1500p Barfine
  • 5. Blue Nile – The hydrolic stage is looking kind of scarry lately. Great place to party and meet girls. – 1500p Barfine
  • 6. Champagne – Smaller tradional style Angeles City bar right on Fields Avenue – Great club for party – 1000p Barfine
  • 7. Nero's Forum – Next to Blue Nile and a nice place to view and meet some pretty bargirls – 1500p Barfine
  • 8. Camelot - Large bar – more traditional in style with lots of dancing girls on the stage. Great place – 1000p Barfine.
  • 9. The Roadhouse – Plays Rock n Roll and has a great stage with the girls dancing all night long – 1000p Barfine
  • 10.Carousel Bar – Next to Club Atlantis, a smaller bar with incredible Carosel stage turning inside – bargirls – 1000p Barfine
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