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Universe Girls Club

2374, F. B. Harrison Street, Pasay, Metro Manila,

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Updated: December 2017

Formerly the Miss Universal Club, the Universe Girls Club is just a better rendition of this great club before it changed names. Miss Universal Club is one of the original high end KTV bars in Manila. Located off of Harrison Street in Pasay City, Philippines, the KTV bar provides high end sexy models for preview on stage, featuring bikini and gown model walk type shows. The girls have numbers on them, so if you want to invite the model to sit down with you for a drink, then just ask the waiter or mamasan for her number

The club cators to a mainly Filipino crowd, but customers don't mind foreigners ,as the men and women there are focused on the girls on stage. The entrance fee is 300p to 500p. The reason it's this high, is that the driver will get a commission on you entrance fee for bringing you there. The area isn't so nice in the evening, so it's better to pay the entrance fee if you want to see the ladies.

Upon entering the club, you will be shown to a table, situated just below the stage area. The stage is long with lots of beautiful full figured filipinas on stage. The stage is about 40 x 30, about 2 or 3 feet off the floor. At any time there will be 1 to 10 girls on the stage modelling different outfits, bikini's etc... Fridays and Saturdays you can expect to see about 350 girls there. The great thing about this club, some of the dancers do get naked, so you can see everything on the lady before you table her. After one or two groups finish their performance, a feature dancer will come up on stage, either doing the pole dance thing or multiple splits with her high heels smacking the hard wood stage floor.

To table a girl it will cost you between 500p to 800p per hour depending on her popularity and your mamasan. If you REALLY like her, you can take her into one of the VIP rooms in the back. It will set you back around 4000p to bring a model to the back room for about 2 hours. If you want extra's from the girl, you have to negotiate that in the backroom with the model. You can take a girl out of the bar for between 5000-10,000, and once again, any other stuff is negotiable with the girls.

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