Makati A-gogo bar

Casino Bar
Edsa Entertainment Complex
Pasay City, Manila Philippines

Updated: May 2012

Just a short walk inside the Edsa Entertainment Complex you'll find the Casino Bar packed with beautiful Manila Bargirls all looking to turn a trick with a horny foreigner. Its a fairly small club located just to the left of the entrance. Walking into the club, you'll have the bar and stage to the left and the seating to the right. The seating to the right is stadium style couches, that allow you to view the bargirls, and get comfortable with a bargirl should you desire to table her. The stage is filled with 60 or so gorgeous young Manila bar girls on any given night dancing to the music.

The bars like Space Girls, Casino and Cotton Club have some really hot babes. Alot of the younger hotter bargirls are picky, and its tough to convince the bargirl to go on a barfine. But if you buy enough drinks, have a good personality and are not an asshole, most of the bargirls are game for some late night fun.

Dressed in sexy uniforms, the girls wait on stage, until a customer calls them down for a lady's drink. For 200p, you can buy the girl a drink, and she'll come sit down beside you as you watch the other girls dance. The girls at the Casino Bar cuddle right up to you, and make your ladies drink well worth it. The older the girl, the more frisky the bargirl will be. I was in one time, and had a 22 year old bargirl by the name of Lyla put her hand under my shorts and start stroking my cock. It was 10 minutes later that we were back at the Heritage Hotel humping away.

There are about 20 girls on stage at one time, with a second shift of 20 girls ready to take the stage after the 1st group is finished dancing. The lighting isn't that good, and there are lots of mirros, disco balls, etc... flashing, so it doesn't make it easy to see the girls. However, they are right in front of you and you can see enough to make a justified decision to call a lady down. You'll find some cute girls in here and they'll barfine for around 1500p.

One word of advice on barfines, make sure you agree fully to terms with the Mamasan and Bargirl before barfining a bargirl. You'll pay 1500p, thinking its for the entire night, and they'll tell you that was for short time. This typical scam is used by most Edsa Complex girls, so be careful and agree to terms up front.

If you're travelling with your wife or girlfriend, and can't take a girl back to your hotel room, there are some short time hotels around the corner from the Copa Cabana Hotel. For 1000p you can take a bargirl there and fuck her, and no one will ever find out about it. The Heritage Hotel is a business travellers hotel with nice rooms right across the street from the Edsa Complex. The hotel is fairly expensive and includes a Casino of all things attached to it. The Copa Cabana hotel is a cheap alternative, with less than comfortable accomodations, but worth the 1500p you'll pay per night.

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Top 10 Manila Bikini Bars, A-Gogo Clubs and KTV Lounges

  • 1. Air Force One A very high end club located right by the Manila International Airport - Expensive - High Ends Girls - Models - Inhouse Soapy Massage Rooms
  • 2. Manila Bay Cafe - Used to be called LA Cafe. Bar located in Ermita, Manila - Freelancers - Cheap Pussy - Lots of Girls to Pickup on any day or night
  • 3.Samba Bar - EDSA Entertainment Complex - Small club but very hot Manila Bargirls - Girls tend to be more picky - Barfines Middle of the Road - Expensive Tips
  • 4.Miss Universal Pasay City, Manila, Philippines Model Club featuring more model/KTV style girls - Expensive but well worth it - Beautiful Bargirls
  • 5.Cotton Club EDSA Entertainment Complex - Different stages for different nationalities. Some stages cator to only Japanese customers - good talent
  • 6.Kai Lounge Manila KTV Bar - Higher End KTV Club with beautiful models - higher prices - very sexy girls - very nice plush location
  • 7.Firehouse Bar EDSA Entertainment Complex - This Manila club has been around for years. Best club in the EDSA Complex. Sexy Manila Bargirls. Cheap Prices.
  • 8.First Line KTV - Another great Malate KTV - upper scale - nice place - sexy models - expensive but worth it as you'll find hot pussy here!
  • 9.KTV Seino A very nice Malate KTV Bar filled with beautiful upscale Manila Models and Bargirls - Expensive Price - Sexy Girls Here!
  • 10.Amazonia Bar Up the street from Manila Bay Cafe in Malate, Manila. Bar is filled with freelancers both day and night. For Cheap Charley's!
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