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Kai Lounge KTV

438 Arquiza St. at the corner of Corner M.H.DelPilar Ermita, Manila Philippine

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Updated: December 2017

Like most of the KTV clubs in Manila, Kai Lounge is a very friendly and comfortable club located in the heart of Ermita, Manila. Most of the KTV clubs are located in either Ermita and Malate, nearby the Manila Bay. Clubs like the Kai Lounge cator to Asian tourists looking for a safe, nice place filled with beautiful Filipino models to take care of their every need. The club opens at 7:00pm and closes down at 3:00am.

The Kai Lounge is actually a very nice KTV. The inside is beautiful, done up with wall paper, trimmed woodwork, and comfortable couches that face toward the Microphone and Stage. The couches are dual couches, perfect for relaxing, and having a beautiful Filipino model sit next to you. The GRO's or Models, take care of your song requests and sit next to you to chat, and keep you company. It's kind of a GFE, as these girls place their hands on you, cuddle to you, and truly seem to enjoy your company.

Most KTV's have private back rooms, which allow you to get even more comfortable with your model. These rooms are usually pretty comfortable, darker, and allows you to get a little nasty with the models.

The pricing for this club is 500p for the 1-1/2 hours of drinking (consumable), followed by the standard 300p per hour charge thereafter. If you plan on drinking alot, then these are the places for you. Ladies drinks, or drinks you have to buy your model are 300pm at Kai Lounge. It's worth it as the girls are very sexy here, the club is nice, and you can possibly meet an after hours girl friend to spend some time with back at your hotel room.

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