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KTV 930

1644 A. Mabini Street, Malate, Manila, Philippines

KTV 930 Website

KTV 930 is a really nice club with lots of sexy fun Filipina GRO's ready to make your night in Manila a whole lot better. The bar is nestled among a host of other KTV bars on Mabini STreet in Malate, Manila. This area is the KTV district for downtown metro Manila, which cator to mostly Asian customers - Korean, Japanese and Chinese. However, from time to time a Caucasian will enter the club, and will be warmly greeted by the Filipino ladies.

KTV930 is one of the nicer clubs, with a very comfortable interior, great private KTV rooms, and sexy full figured Filipina models to make your night much more fun. KTV930 charges SET prices for it's drinks. You'll pay 500 for the first hour and a half, and then 300p every hour afterwards. If you are big drinker, this is a great deal. KTV bars want your money, so if you come in the door and spend some time, it will cost you at least 500p. This in turn keeps the rif-raf out, and makes sure that only "Pay to Play" customers are inside the KTV club.

The girls there are are beautiful, sweet natured like most filipina women, and very sexy. If you table a model or GRO (Guest Relations Officer), you will have to buy her a ladies drink. Ladies drinks cost 300p, and you'll have to buy the model a drink every 30 minutes or so. The club, like all the others has private KTV rooms where you can sing in private with a model, and get intimate with her. It's a sure bet to have some fun in the back room, but will cost you. To have complete privacy in one of the private rooms, will cost you around 4000p. That doesn't include the tip you'll give to the model for services rendered.

Still, KTV 930 is a great place to meet Filipina KTV girls and have some fun. Stop by, it's at least worth and hour and a half of your time.

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