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Amazonia Bar

1396-1402 M.H. Del Pilar, Emita, Manila
Updated December 2017:

One of the two popular bars in Ermita is the Bar Amazonia. It's a regular watering hole for expats and tourists looking for a combination of entertainment and sex. It is only one block away from the famous LA Cafe, the other popular Del Pilar street club.

The interior of the club is kind of rustic, lots of wood, with a couple different levels to the building. There are pool tables inside the bar, and plentyof spots to sit down and drink. The club has a host of girls, ranging from 18 to 40 years of age. These girls front as waitresses, but they are really GRO's, who will are looking for some late night fun. There is a hotel on the third floor, very cheap and basic, where you can rent rooms for the hour to have some fun with your girl.

The same action goes on at the Amazonia as it does at LA Cafe. At night, the club fills up with local ladies, who are lookiing to turn a trick or two before the night is over. There aren't as many girls at Amazonia as there are at LA Cafe, but the atmosphere is nicer, an easier place to sit, drink, talk and actually hear.

They also have live bands in Amazonia, and some of them are really good. All of their waitresses are dancers too, and have dance shows as well as dancing on the tables now and then. There are billiard tables in the club, and they have a standard system where the winner keeps playing, and the challenger pays for the game.

Drinks at the Amazonia range from 125p for a San Miguel during the evenings. It's a bit less during happy hour. You can buy a bucket of beer for around 450p which gives you 6 beers. They also serve pitchers of rum and coke as well as other mixes for 250 peso, so that’s another good cheap option.


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