Makati A-gogo bar

Pitstop Bar
Edsa Entertainment Complex
Pasay City, Manila, Philippines

Updated: May 2012

To the right of the entrance of the Edsa Entertainment Complex is the Pitstop. It is one of seven clubs located inside this huge building called the Edsa Complex. The Pitstop Bar is a racing car themed club, complete with stage, seating, and lots of friendly young Manila bargirls that will treat you right all night long.This medium sized club has around 20 girls on stage dancing at any given time, while the other 30 plus girls roam the bar waiting for their turn on stage. The black and white checkered flooring makes all racing enthuisists at home, sort of a finish line for SEX.

The Manila Bargirls who work here wear tight skimpy racing uniforms to enhance the theme of the club. During a weekend, you'll find between 50 to 70 dancers to choose from for some after hours fun. The girls range anywhere from 6's to 8's. Just ask a mamasan or waitress to buy one of the ladies a drink, and they'll come sit down next to you and cuddle up. It's that easy.

Drinks here are a very reasonable, only setting you back 200p for ladies drinks, and less than 60p for a San Miguel Beer. The barfine is cheap, costing you only 1000p to take the girl back to your hotel with you. You'll find enough talent here to find some hot Manila poontang for the evening. If not, there are six other clubs inside the Edsa Entertainment Complex to hunt down some Manila pussy.

There are plenty of "short time" hotels in the area, that are fairly cheap. About 1500p will get you a hotel room to fuck your bargirl all night long. You might see a roach or too, but this is Pasay City, not Makati. Have fun and enjoy this hot bar inside the Edsa Complex.

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Top 10 Manila Bikini Bars, A-Gogo Clubs and KTV Lounges

  • 1. Air Force One A very high end club located right by the Manila International Airport - Expensive - High Ends Girls - Models - Inhouse Soapy Massage Rooms
  • 2. Manila Bay Cafe - Used to be called LA Cafe. Bar located in Ermita, Manila - Freelancers - Cheap Pussy - Lots of Girls to Pickup on any day or night
  • 3.Samba Bar - EDSA Entertainment Complex - Small club but very hot Manila Bargirls - Girls tend to be more picky - Barfines Middle of the Road - Expensive Tips
  • 4.Miss Universal Pasay City, Manila, Philippines Model Club featuring more model/KTV style girls - Expensive but well worth it - Beautiful Bargirls
  • 5.Cotton Club EDSA Entertainment Complex - Different stages for different nationalities. Some stages cator to only Japanese customers - good talent
  • 6.Kai Lounge Manila KTV Bar - Higher End KTV Club with beautiful models - higher prices - very sexy girls - very nice plush location
  • 7.Firehouse Bar EDSA Entertainment Complex - This Manila club has been around for years. Best club in the EDSA Complex. Sexy Manila Bargirls. Cheap Prices.
  • 8.First Line KTV - Another great Malate KTV - upper scale - nice place - sexy models - expensive but worth it as you'll find hot pussy here!
  • 9.KTV Seino A very nice Malate KTV Bar filled with beautiful upscale Manila Models and Bargirls - Expensive Price - Sexy Girls Here!
  • 10.Amazonia Bar Up the street from Manila Bay Cafe in Malate, Manila. Bar is filled with freelancers both day and night. For Cheap Charley's!

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