Makati A-gogo bar

First Line KTV

1766 A Mabini Street
Malate, Manila, Philippines

Meet the models of First Line KTV in Manila, Philippines

Updated October 2010:

This upscale Manila KTV bar is a fun place to spend your evenings in Manila, but beware it comes with a huge cost. First Line KTV is located amidst a bunch of other KTV bars in Malate, Manila. Malate is a suburb (so to speak) of downtown Manila. The cities of Pasay, Malate and Ermita run along the Manila Bar, on the way to downtown Manila. There are top notch hotels located in Ermita and Manila, catoring to Consulate/Government agencies, and mostly foreign travellers. You'll find that the Ermita and Malate Bars like First Line are a mecca for Asian tourists. Japanese, Korean and Chinese Tourists and Business Travellers love KTV bars. The clubs are way more upscale than your traditional GOGO bars, and the girls are better educated and better mannered than your average Bikini bargirl.

Drinking and spending time here is pretty expensive, as it will cost you 700p for the first 1-1/2 of drinking in the club. Additional hours will be charged at 300p per hour, which is around $7 dollars US. That's on par with drinking in a club in the states. First Line charges more than most of the other clubs in the area, as they serve better liquor for that price, and want to keep the rif-raf out of the club.

The one thing US bars do not provide are beautiful models to keep you company, while watching the other patrons sing KTV on stage. This is one of the best clubs for hot Pinoy pussy. These girls are full figured, beautiful Manila models, prim and proper, and ready to provide you a GFE. There are private rooms in the back where you can get more cumfortable. However, we suggest staying out the backrooms, and trying to convince your model to meet you after the club closes back at your hotel room. Most will oblige, after all it's the Philippines.

This club is not for the faint of heart if your a CHEAP CHARLIE. You can easily ring up a $100 to $200 bill if you do not watch yourself. After an hour or so of chugging drinks, you'll find yourself buying shot after shot for your lady, and then bammo, you've got a huge bill at the end of the night.

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