Makati A-gogo bar


A picture of the small little sign hanging outside this wild club on the far end of P.Burgos Street – Makati.

P. Burgos Street
Makati City, Philippines

Updated July 2010:

Located at the lonely end of P. Burgos Street, across the street from Jools Nightclub is a small little club that will literally “Blow” your mind, as well as other things. All we can say is WowWowWow, as the action in this club is on the extreme naughty end of the spectrum. You’ll need to visit the club for yourself, so you can give your first hand opinion about the club.

The club is dark, with two different levels. The bottom level has the bar to the left, near the entrance, and then it goes up a few steps to the back right of the club. Both levels have dance floors and tables where the girls get on the tables and dance. There are a couple small stages scattered throughout the club, where most of the girls will dance. If you call a girl over to dance for you, and buy her a ladies drink, you’ll get the ride of your life. These girls know how to lap dance.

Better yet, there are small curtained seating areas off to the sides. You can go back to these spots for 1500p and the girl is yours for the taking. We saw a Japanese guy go back with 2 sexy bargirsl, and they took care of him right there in the club. Of course, we didn’t actually see it, but with all the rustling going on behind the curtain, something other than talking was going on.

If you’re up for a quickie, drink that is, and possibly something more, than stop by this club, as the girls are hot, horny and out of this world wild behind the curtains.

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Top 10 Clubs - Makati City, Philippines

  • 1. The Bronx – Incredible dancers/bargirls - about 40 in all - very sexy - hot bodied - fantastic talent - 3000p barfine
  • 2. Flamingo Club - Great club, lots of action, pretty bargirls - right at the entrance of P. Burgos - 3000p barfine
  • 3.Bar Bandido - Right in the heart of P. Burgos - always pretty dancers and a fun place to drink - 3000p barfine
  • 4.Rogues – Bar located near Flamingo Club with lots of wild and crazy bargirls dancing and drinking - 1500p barfine
  • 5.Billboard – Lots of sexy bargirls and dancers with shows every 30 minutes or so. Great drinking place - 1500p barfine
  • 6.Bottoms – This is in the heart of P. Burgos - Seperate private smoking area to the back - fun place to drink - 3000p barfine
  • 7.PussyCats – New club sitting next to the Hollywood Bar - Lots of cute dancers and lots of energey - 1500p barfine
  • 8.WowWowWow - Blowjob bar up the street from Jools and Fridays. Have fun behind the private curtains - 1500p barfine
  • 9.Jools – Great entertainment - hot dancers - great place to take a barfine to watch the dance shows - 3000p barfine
  • 10.The Jungle Bar – Small little club that sits up the street next to the Ivory with lots of young Cherry Girls - 3000p

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