Makati A-gogo bar

High Heels Nightclub and Bikini Bar

High Heels Nightclub and Bikini Bar
P. Burgos Street
Makati City, Philippines

Updated February 2009:

High Heels club is located at the very end of the P. Burgos Street Bikini Bar Scene. It sits down by Friday’s, WowWowWow and Jools, but it’s well worth the block and a half walk from the main GoGo bar area. The club is a pretty basic set up, with tables and chairs, and a main stage in the center of the club. The great thing about this club, is that they always seem to have good looking bargirls working the club. The barfine is your standard 3000p and the drinks are very reasonably priced.

We recommend this club, as we mentioned the bargirls are always very cute, and the sound system, the atmosphere and mamasan’s are very friendly.

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Top 10 Clubs - Makati City, Philippines

  • 1. The Bronx – Incredible dancers/bargirls - about 40 in all - very sexy - hot bodied - fantastic talent - 3000p barfine
  • 2. Flamingo Club - Great club, lots of action, pretty bargirls - right at the entrance of P. Burgos - 3000p barfine
  • 3.Bar Bandido - Right in the heart of P. Burgos - always pretty dancers and a fun place to drink - 3000p barfine
  • 4.Rogues – Bar located near Flamingo Club with lots of wild and crazy bargirls dancing and drinking - 1500p barfine
  • 5.Billboard – Lots of sexy bargirls and dancers with shows every 30 minutes or so. Great drinking place - 1500p barfine
  • 6.Bottoms – This is in the heart of P. Burgos - Seperate private smoking area to the back - fun place to drink - 3000p barfine
  • 7.PussyCats – New club sitting next to the Hollywood Bar - Lots of cute dancers and lots of energey - 1500p barfine
  • 8.WowWowWow - Blowjob bar up the street from Jools and Fridays. Have fun behind the private curtains - 1500p barfine
  • 9.Jools – Great entertainment - hot dancers - great place to take a barfine to watch the dance shows - 3000p barfine
  • 10.The Jungle Bar – Small little club that sits up the street next to the Ivory with lots of young Cherry Girls - 3000p

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