Makati A-gogo bar

The Bronx

The Bronx
P. Burgos Street
Makati City, Philippines

Updated July 2010:

The Bronx was opened back in 2007 and has since then become one of the premier pussy spots in Makati, Philippines. This club has hot hot hot Filipino women. You won’t find you’re ordinary 18 year old here, but sexy Philippine models with full bodied figures – tits, ass and sexy bodies. The only catch, is that this club is ultra expensive. It should be, as they actually have the hull of an old helicopter inside the bar, and some other props and items that had to have cost this club so money.

The club is located in a basement below other clubs in the heart of P. Burgos Street. It's actually located below Mirros Club, which is right next to Papillion and a few doors down from Bottoms Bar. Right across the street is Bar Bandido, so you are right in the action. You walk down steps to get into the club. It's deep down below, so the first set of steps takes you to a balcony viewing area, where you can see the dance floor and stage below. There is a mini balcony here, with a small dance table, where 3 or 4 girls will dance. There are some couches there, where you can get comfortable to drink and watch the girls dance.

If you keep going down the stairs you’ll end up on the dance floor, with a stage to the back of the club, and a bar located underneath the balcony in the front of the club. The stage always has 15 or 20 girls dancing on it, with the 2nd shift of girls scattered at the tables sitting or dancing on the dance floor. We got to the club around 9:00pm, and almost every one of the girls was gorgeous, full figured and sexy.

Buying a Ladies Drink is expensive. It will cost you 450p, which is around $8.00 to $10.00 US, which is ultra expensive. The barfine is 3000p, which is in line with most other bars in the area, but I would assume some of these models will want a nice tip if you barfine them for the night. Make sure you are getting the girl for the entire night, because some might pull the old – 3000p is only for short time. Just make sure you tell the girl you’ll tip her well, maybe 2000p to 2500p and she’ll stay with you long time.

We highly recommend this bar for the quality of the club, atmosphere and of course, the gorgeous bargirls that they have in their line up. It may be a bit pricey, but everything in Makati is expensive.

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Top 10 Clubs - Makati City, Philippines

  • 1. The Bronx – Incredible dancers/bargirls - about 40 in all - very sexy - hot bodied - fantastic talent - 3000p barfine
  • 2. Flamingo Club - Great club, lots of action, pretty bargirls - right at the entrance of P. Burgos - 3000p barfine
  • 3.Bar Bandido - Right in the heart of P. Burgos - always pretty dancers and a fun place to drink - 3000p barfine
  • 4.Rogues – Bar located near Flamingo Club with lots of wild and crazy bargirls dancing and drinking - 1500p barfine
  • 5.Billboard – Lots of sexy bargirls and dancers with shows every 30 minutes or so. Great drinking place - 1500p barfine
  • 6.Bottoms – This is in the heart of P. Burgos - Seperate private smoking area to the back - fun place to drink - 3000p barfine
  • 7.PussyCats – New club sitting next to the Hollywood Bar - Lots of cute dancers and lots of energey - 1500p barfine
  • 8.WowWowWow - Blowjob bar up the street from Jools and Fridays. Have fun behind the private curtains - 1500p barfine
  • 9.Jools – Great entertainment - hot dancers - great place to take a barfine to watch the dance shows - 3000p barfine
  • 10.The Jungle Bar – Small little club that sits up the street next to the Ivory with lots of young Cherry Girls - 3000p